At Sandip Brass we believe quality of our products is our strength and our pride. Our products have maintained optimum quality standards for national and international clients. It has been our policy to maintain best quality of our products.

All our products are designed with international quality standards for different cliental needs. Our products are designed by skilled and experienced staff to avoid any further quality issues. We have designed product process in three different stages. In the first stage we design a layout and set standards based on which a product would be manufactured. All the details that are to be paid attention are mentioned in the layout. In the second stage our technically qualified staff starts the production process and sticks to the layout to its edge. In the third stage after the products are ready to be delivered we check them through our quality checks. We remove all those products that do match our set or expected quality standards and deliver only those lots that are in assurance with our quality criteria.

The Quality requirements that are followed in our firm are kept with:

  • Technically Sound Staff.
  • Skilled Supervisors and workers to observe product manufacturing.
  • Adopting technological changes in the international and national market.
  • Delivering all our products only after passing through quality checks.
  • All orders should be in consistency with customer requirements.