Small Springs

Small Springs gives a drum tight fitting to swimming pool safety covers. Springs are very important part of pool safety covers. It is necessary that swimming pool safety covers are tightly fit over the pool because a loose fit pool cover may lead to tearing of cover material with pressure of wind in them. The Small Springs by our company are the assemblies in which spring will compress as the drawbar arms extend under an applied load. In this type of setting in addition with drawbars, compression spring works as an extension spring and reduces the buckling of the spring.

Material :

We can provide this spring in stainless steel along with various type of grade like, 202, 304, 304L, As per Client Requirement.

Function :

small Springs can be easily attached to the swimming pool cover strap with the help of a strap buckle and are easy to engage on Brass Anchor Insert with the help of an Spring Installation Pipe.